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Up to now, there is one thing that Taiwan medical field can not achieve, or neither the medical fields all over the world. However,my father (who is born and raised in Taiwan, the father of Mr.Huang Yong-he.) has achieved it 50 years ago. sincerely hope that the following good medicine can stay forever in this world and benefit to verybody Under the present technology, it is no need to skin graft for level 2 or 3 burns.

At the same time, no joint deformation and burn scar will appear after recovery. However, my father has invented a medicine with the same efficacy 50 years ago. I hope this medicine will be reproduced and witnessed by the world again. Every day, many hopeless people are suffering from burn injury and they are still waiting for a good medicine.

Now, I have got this magical medicine for them, letting them recover their normal and happy life earlier. This will also many social and medical Countries do not need to waste their resources to develop new medicine.

The medical field has been conducting different studies on healing methods for burn injury over these years, which in fact has been invented and solved years ago. Nevertheless, we still need the right people to work with us to reproduce this medicine. Every time I meet those people suffering from burn injury with deformed limb and facial features, feel deeply sad. The right medicine is in front of me, but, I have no proper way to help these needy people. I need a wisdom person to work with me to promote this medicine to every corner of the world. We need not to see any helpless people suffered from the sequelae of burn injury in the future. We can give them back happy new life! My father has used this medicine to cure many burn injury, Photos and video tapes are there.

The patients are willing to share their experiences with you. I sincerely hope that the good medicine can stay forever in the world and benefit to everybody. I need help, need a wisdom person to work with me to make the world more better.

Unique skill

Topaz intermittent plaster: Huang family ancestral plaster, made from dozens of traditional Chinese medicines. Put it on the affected area, the medicinal power can penetrate deep into the blood vessels of the skin, remove blood stasis and clear toxins; at the same time, it can improve the body's immunity, activate necrotic cells, and let the wound heal by itself. Everyone's antibodies are different, and the dosage of medication is also different.

One yang finger pressing: Use your thumb and middle finger to alternately press and rotate on specific acupuncture points before and after the uncomfortable part of the body. Press and rotate to loosen the knots, open the meridians, strengthen blood circulation, and make the effect of the plaster more significant.

For example, the symptoms of "fifty shoulders": the hands are not raised high, and the left shoulder cannot be touched on the right side; the back cannot be touched with the right hand down. If the fifty shoulders are delayed for too long and not dealt with immediately, it will cause soreness in the back of the hand and unable to exert any effort. Because each muscle path is different, the recovery ability is also different.

Open all the acupoints with "Yiyang Finger" (as shown in the picture), and then apply "Topaz Intermittent Ointment", and the patient's pain is immediately relieved.

A fall causes inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which can cause many symptoms. 1. Severe ligaments are strained and unable to lie flat. 2. When coughing and sneezing, the pain is unbearable. 3. Without proper treatment, the ligament of the sciatic nerve will extend to the back heel. Fourth, a normal sitting posture, the feet cannot be raised.

At this time, use a yang finger to open the acupuncture points on the map, let the ligaments loosen, and then apply topaz intermittent ointment, and the symptoms will be greatly improved immediately.

To deal with cardiopulmonary problems, use a yang finger to open the acupuncture points on both sides of the lungs and the heart. After opening the acupuncture points, the patient’s breathing will immediately improve; after applying topaz intermittent ointment, the blood vessels can be unblocked and the heart can be activated To achieve a more complete repair effect.

Vietnam free clinic

In 2019, Huang Yonghe went to his wife's hometown in Vietnam for free clinics twice in September and November. Hundreds of local residents went to seek medical treatment. Many of them suffered from various pains, burns, and skin diseases. With the help of Master Huang, many patients' symptoms improved on the spot, and some even recovered on the spot.

80 The old lady was dying, and she applied the medicine for three hours to sit up

On September 26, 2019, Huang Yonghe had a free clinic in Vietnam. A woman with knee pain came to see a doctor. In the chat, she said that her mother was 80 years old and suffering from severe lung disease.

Huang Yonghe went to her house with the lady, just as her family was preparing funerals for the elderly and arranging superfluous chanting. Master Huang left her house first, and gave the lady "Topaz Intermittent Cream" before leaving and asked her to stick it on her mother's chest.

Three hours later, the lady ran to the Huang Yonghe free clinic and told him that after his mother applied his ointment, she was much better and she could get up. Master Huang gave her a batch of "Topaz Intermittent Cream," which was enough for her mother to use for a week, and her mother later recovered completely.

Man with fifty shoulders, raise his hand on the spot after pressing

In November 2019, Huang Yonghe was in a free clinic in Vietnam, and a Vietnamese man came. He suffers from fifty shoulders, his right hand cannot reach the back, nor can he lift it up. He looked for a western doctor for several months to no avail. The doctor advised him to do it, but he refused to do it. Master Huang used "one yang finger" to press acupuncture points for him, and his hand could be raised on the spot.

Walking limp, press on the spot to walk normally

There was a middle-aged Vietnamese woman who was limped on foot because of a fall. She couldn't cross her legs when she was sitting on the ground. It has been more than two years. When Huang Yonghe came to the free clinic in Vietnam in November, he used a Yang finger to open acupuncture points for her. She was 80 to 90% better on the spot, and she was able to walk normally and cross her legs.

Exhaust pipe burns, apply ointment to heal without scars

Mrs. Huang Yonghe’s Vietnamese niece was 28 years old and was scalded by a motorcycle exhaust pipe. Wound ulceration, suppuration, apply

"Topaz scald cream", after 9 days, the wound had healed and there was a faint scar; by the 15th day, the scar was no longer visible.

Huang Yonghe had two free clinics in Vietnam, not only confiscated a penny, but also gave free plasters to local residents. The local people were very grateful to him and praised him for his excellent medical skills and high medical ethics. Some brought him food, and some said, "We take a cardboard box and put it on the spot, and let the patient donate money to you. There is no limit to how much." Huang Yonghe rejected their kindness. His original intention was to help the world and help people in real difficulties, so that they would be free from the pain of disease.