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Up to now, there is one thing that Taiwan medical field can not achieve, or neither the medical fields all over the world. However,my father (who is born and raised in Taiwan, the father of Mr.Huang Yong-he.) has achieved it 50 years ago. sincerely hope that the following good medicine can stay forever in this world and benefit to verybody Under the present technology, it is no need to skin graft for level 2 or 3 burns.
At the same time, no joint deformation and burn scar will appear after recovery. However, my father has invented a medicine with the same efficacy 50 years ago. I hope this medicine will be reproduced and witnessed by the world again. Every day, many hopeless people are suffering from burn injury and they are still waiting for a good medicine.
Now, I have got this magical medicine for them, letting them recover their normal and happy life earlier. This will also many social and medical Countries do not need to waste their resources to develop new medicine.

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Burn and Cut (Without Taiwan)
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